Eureka in February


Eureka in February


Mr. Nutters: A Squirrel’s Tale

Your inside scoop from a fuzzy local named Mr. Nutters, resident Eureka Springs philosopher, and squirrel about town.

Well, it finally happened. Rebecca, has put me to work. I wasn’t really looking for a job… but I suppose I do sometimes partake in the daily feast she puts out for all us critters in the neighborhood, and I do find myself relaxing in the beautiful gazebo, technically for the guests, quite often. It’s time I give something back. I took up temporary residence at the Benton Place Inn years ago, turns out it wasn’t as temporary as I thought, but that’s Eureka for you. Plus, you just can’t beat the accommodations.

Rebecca is quite a busy lady. I have heard tell that she is the veteran resident and honorary mayor of Benton Street, along with parking official, booking agent, cleaning crew, head of the community center, and therapist for all the creatures, great and small, who find themselves in or around The Benton Place Inn. Rebecca also tends to a spoiled school of fish, a scurry of squirrels (of which I am obviously the favorite), a band of musicians, a plague of locals, a stillness of trees, and a symphony of songbirds (Don’t you just love a good collective noun.)  

Anyway, Rebecca does have some help on Benton street. The free spirited and freely elected B-Street sheriff Steve-O and his lovely wife, Nurse Rocket (a highly skilled R.N. chef, friend, and all around sweetheart) both work to keep things running smooth in the hood. The resident botanist Karl keeps the gardens happy, and a multitude of neighborhood artists keep Benton street beautiful and are the pulse and spirit of Eureka Springs.

Now for my job, Benton Street events reporter and gossip liaison. With my squirrel eye view, climbing prowess, & knowledge of local tree top perches, I think I’m the perfect squirrel for the job! Here we go with assignment one: February.  February, the month for lovers, and the Eureka versionof Mardi Gras, “Eureka Gras.” First things first, Valentine’s day. Forget that one and whew, your tail is the wringer. No worries though, Eureka Springs is the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway. Add the Benton Place Inn, and who knows where the weekend will take you.

Maybe to the 13th annual Chocolate Lovers Festival, which takes place Saturday February 11th at the Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center from 10:00AM-3:00PM.  I personally prefer a nut, but I am told they cover those in chocolate as well. The event will be full of candy, cakes, luxurious body products, and plenty of free samples. I can get behind that!

My friend “Wise Old Owl,” (he makes me call him that) tells me Chocolate is the perfect accompaniment for this romantic month. Seems it contains a compound called phenylethylamine (PCA). Apparently, this magical substance releases the same mood-altering endorphins as… you guessed it, sex. So, this Valentine’s day make Eureka Springs your Valentine’s day destination and for the sake of science, enjoy some chocolate. For tickets prices and more information visit http://www.eurekasprings.org/event/12th-annual-chocolate-lovers-festival-emporium

I fancy myself a bit of a lady’s squirrel, which means February in Eureka Springs will be a busy month for me. Eureka Springs Mardi Gras gives plenty of opportunities for wild, artistic, and tasty events around town. If you can’t make it for Valentine’s Day, there will be plenty more to do throughout the month. You Gotta love Eureka for that, never a dull moment.

Here is this month’s lineup:

Feb. 10th Full Moon

Feb- 16th Arti Gras – Palette to Palate

Feb- 17th Dancing and Coronation Ball & The Grand Royal Procession

Feb -18th Eureka Gras Light and Sound Parade & Black Light Ball

Feb 24th Hookers & Jokers Masquerade Ball

Feb 25th The Great Gatsby’s Mayor’s Ball. A “Roaring” Good Time

Feb 25th Eureka Gras Parade. A Eureka Specialty

Feb 28th Fat Tuesday King Cake Ball & Umbrella Dance

Come chase the nuts with the squirrels and then rest your head at The Benton Place Inn, where all kinda nuts are welcome.

See you soon, Mr. Nutters


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